Crisis Prevention Team

We specialise last-minute cover for service users in crisis.

Crisis Prevention

The EP Crisis Prevention Team (EP CPT), specialise in providing crucial emergency cover for individuals facing crises. Our primary goal is to avert unnecessary hospital admissions, secure unit placements, and service disruptions that often result in inappropriate care settings, bed shortages, and heightened security unit escalations.

At EP Crisis Prevention we are committed to offering a reliable solution that prioritises the needs of service users, ensuring consistent care and preventing interruptions.

Our dedicated team comprises highly skilled professionals well-versed in supporting individuals with Autism, Learning Disabilities, Highly Complex Behaviours and Mental Health challenges. All our staff employ a PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) approach, leveraging their extensive knowledge to provide optimal care.

Operating round-the-clock, our 24-hour service ensures readiness to tackle any situation, anytime. We are here to provide steadfast support and ensure the continuous well-being of those in crisis.

Our collaboration extends to working closely with various teams, including Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and Local Authorities (Councils). We actively engage in supporting educational needs, offering direct collaboration with a young person’s SENCO officers. We also partner with CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) and Social Care teams, fostering a holistic approach to support that spans home, school, and the wider community.

We are dedicated to not just managing crises but crafting enduring solutions that empower individuals, foster independence, and promote holistic well-being.

Embracing empathy is fundamental in supporting individuals in vulnerable circumstances. Our team of specialised nurses and healthcare assistants delivers exceptional care to children, teenagers, and adults amid challenging situations.

We extend our intensive mental health crisis support across a range of settings, including:

  • Emergency placements
  • Supported living facilities
  • Immigration centres
  • Secure children’s homes
  • Peoples’ homes
  • Schools
  • Holiday camps
  • Residential and community centres
  • Hospitals and day units
  • Specialist mental health, psychiatric, learning, or intellectual disability units
  • Prisons
  • Custody suites and police stations
  • Secure facilities for children and adolescents


Crisis Prevention Team prides itself on swift responsiveness, capable of assembling a dedicated support team within hours, not days.

Crisis Prevention Emergency Personnel Recruitment Agency

Our 24 hour on-call team staff can quickly and effectively respond to your needs. We ensure that all staff are correctly skilled, trained and compliant to NHS framework standards.